Sunday, December 27, 2009

that love happens...

I learned that love happens. All my life I have dreamed of being in love, getting married, having a family... And now it is happening. Bill proposed on November 21, 2009, in Mendocino. Right at this spot:

It was short, sweet, and very quick. It was very much like Bill, and it was very perfect. Well... except that he didn't go on a knee, which I complained about the next day. Yes, we argued over it. However, when we got home, he got down on a knee and proposed to me a third time (the very first time was done "informally" in Vietnam). Here is the ring:

The inscription is perfect and Bill did it all by himself (ahh...) - Feb 12, 2005 - (eternity symbol). Here it is on! (Just got it back, re-sized and beautiful!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I learned that I love to take pictures...

Here are some of the highlights of my last trip to China and Vietnam...Taking pictures of Hong Kong.
Yangshuo, China. Beautiful rice paddys and crazy mountains.
Right outside our hotel in Yangshuo, China.

Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our hotel in Sapa, Vietnam. Northern Vietnam and a place that is so beautiful you would sware it was heaven.
Picture I loved in Sapa, Vietnam.

Pink skies, purple roads - I love Hanoi! Such an amazing city....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

my "high" of the day...

I thought I would be fun and mention the "high" of my day today. Well, there were a lot of lows - I have been sick for a few days, I have been bombarded with tons of grading and I my house has been a mess (and will stay a mess) for the longest time. However, I have to say that I have the most wonderful guy in my life... My "high" of the day involves a trip to the emergency room at 1 am. I woke up feeling HORRIBLE; my throat hurt, I couldn't breathe, I had a horrible headache and I wanted to die... I knew I couldn't make it, and I knew that hospital was the only option. SO, I woke up Bill, cried, and then he drove me to the ER. Now, I live near downtown, so this had to be the most interesting ER EVER! While waiting, a man with only a few teeth told me he was as old as the bible (I think that is what he said, I couldn't really understand him), some very masculine women were drunk and one looked as though someone scratched her really bad across the face, tons of bums (and regulars that I have seen in the neighborhood) were sleeping, other crazy people were coming in and out.... Oh, it was a SIGHT! I was a little nervous, but I felt bad for Bill - he was sick too and had to get up early for work. I told him to go home (since it was only three blocks away), and he said he will... "in 15 minutes..." But, 15 minutes turned into 2 hours of waiting. I loved him for that, since he knew and I knew that I would have been fine in the waiting room of the crazies. However, he knew he didn't want to think of me being in such a place without him. I totally love that guy, and was so glad that he stayed and kept me company. So, that was my high of the day, the feeling that my significant other does love me and is willing to sacrifice a little for me...