Sunday, February 19, 2012

Someone's on the way... like, really soon.

So, the wedding was nice but we have to move on.  Luckily, we were able to move on to something pretty big shortly after the wedding.  Yep, we're having a baby.  We conceived the little guy on our honeymoon - sorry if that was TMI - and found out a few weeks after we got back.  I always knew we would try as soon as we were married, I just never thought it would be so soon.  It has been amazing and difficult all at the same time.  Difficult, solely because of the sickness.  Thankfully I never threw-up, but there were a few weeks where I felt like I was going to every day.  And, well, now that I am almost done, it is constant difficult living.  I love that I can feel him, look forward to him, have him around with me...  I hate that I can't pick anything up, get off the couch, must use the bathroom every 15 minutes...  I cannot wait to roll over in bed without re-positioning 1,000 pillows.  I cannot wait to lay on my stomach.  Soon, it'll happen soon.  So, here's what has been happening to me:

This is 17 weeks:

This is 21 weeks:

This is 31 weeks:

This is 35 weeks:

I know, I'm gigantic.  Yes, there is only ONE baby in there.  Yes, I'm huge.  Oh well. 

Our baby is due March 18th and I cannot wait!  I have a feeling he will be early.  But, then again, I had a feeling he was a girl too so I can't really rely on my "feelings".  I hope to continue posting stuff that I'm doing.  I already added a bunch of stuff to the nursery and it is pretty much done, but I'll add pics and little crafty things I did.  Since I steal so much from the internet and DIY-ers, I feel it is important that I contribute too. 

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happyme said...

First of all-You are not huge! You are perfect. and Second- I can not WAIT to see what a handsome little guy he will be. I can't even imagine what he will look like! LOVE love this post and can't wait for more!!