Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wedding Update...

I know, it's been forever.  What can I say?  It was a little hectic those last few days... and, well, so was the wedding... and then the honeymoon...  and then, well, I'll get to that piece later.  But the wedding was PERFECT and I cannot believe how perfectly everything "fit".  Here's some pics to see how things ended up:

Our vow/wedding books:  I bought them at Goodwill.  I put our vows in separate books, then the whole written out wedding in another for our friend who officiated our wedding. 

Here are books that I tied ribbon to.  The bow in the middle held the rings for the ring exchange.  I should have modeled to bill on how to open the bow and pull it out since he struggled with it during the ceremony.  Oh well, it was funny.

Juice boxes:  These were a hit!  Got some juice boxes for the ceremony.  Perfect and cute!

Lavender sachets:  Made the bag from on sale burlap-like fabric and got the lavender from the farmers market.  Great and cheap!

Centerpieces:  Mason jars from thrift stores, candles from Ikea.

Name Tag Table:  I created different heights with a salvaged old window and a shutter.  Those were propped up by mason jars.  The name tags were then all over the table, some higher than others.  Turned out perfect!

Cake Table:  A Martha Stewart idea of plates glued to candle holders - so awesome, cheap and pretty!

This was taken by one of the disposable cameras.  If I could do it again, more disposable cameras!  And they were PERFECT in black and white.  They turned out great, they were fun and it gave us pics that the photographer missed and of all the guests.  We could really see that the wedding was fun from their perspective.

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