Monday, June 20, 2011

Last week! Day 8, 7 & 6....

Day 8
Reordered OOT (Out of Town) bags.  I hope they get here on time!
Bachlorette Party:
  • So much fun!
  • Tons of friends
  • Lots of food
  • Too many drinks...
This was water.  Or, the Blue Dolphin as it is called...  I guess.  Look how cute it is!  Kimi, Rachel and Erin did a great job decorating and organizing it.  THANKS SO MUCH!  I felt super special all night...

Day 7
...All day recovery
I did get some gifts ready and Bill and I started working on the ceremony...  Nothing like leaving one of the most important things to last minute

Day 6
Happy Father's Day! 
Shopped till I dropped with Bill.  First pre-wedding week major fight, check!  What a great recipe for a fight:  Spending tons of money, tons of stress because of the upcoming event, and fatigue.  Oh well, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!  And we aren't dead... so, ya. 
Finished our table numbers!  Look at how we did 'em:


These are the numbers that fit on top of the wooden sticks that were cemented in the pail.  I hate how most of the numbers turned out.  OH WELL!  You'll see how they came out later.  K?

Started the name placement game.  I hate this game.  It's like a horrible logic puzzle that really effects peoples' lives for a few hours.  I hope no one gets mad at the choices!

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Kari said...

no we won't care! PROMISE!