Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ahhh! Two weeks away!

I can imagine that in two weeks exactly, 14 days from this time of 10am, I might not be feeling well.  And I hope that feeling is because of sleep deprivation and party exhaustion.  That sounds AWESOME.  

14 days!  Can you believe it?  Sorry about the lack of posts - I told you that Fridays and Saturdays would be bad days to post.  However, I did do a lot of stuff those days.  Let's recap.

Day 15 - Friday

Took care of some of the fun reception activities.  Thank goodness for Martha Stewart on that one, again.  Here is a link (in case you are interested) in some of her fun reception ice-breakers.  I did one, but I'm not telling...  Well, here is a hint of the one I did...  It may not be hard to figure out.  I also will give you a step-by-step on how I did it...  I know, not that super "secret" as you may think!...

Buy some of these:
Get some fonts! is really awesome.

Go to "find fonts" and click on "free fonts".  There are tons of really cool fonts that are totally free!  And amazing.  Goodness, I love fonts.  I can really talk about it forever.  Fonts are so cool!  They can look pretty, make you feel good about what your reading, incite emotions like "happy" "sad" or "yuck" (time new roman does that to me every time I look at it).  I love fonts.  Wait, did you know I love fonts?  I do...  I'll shut up now. 

Start the project.  I used Apple's "pages" program.  I really like it.

Print project:

Cut it:

Punch the corners so they are round:


 Glue it to some other color paper:

Cut that to size:


Round corner that, too:

Grab your eyelet maker.  This is mine:

Put an eyelet in:

Add ribbon:

Attach it to this:

And that is what I did on Friday.  

I also had a dress fitting, the last one.  I LOVE MY DRESS!   I made some major changes to it and it looks awesome.  Sorry, no pics though.  You gotta wait on that one!

Day 14, Saturday:

Shopping day!  Bill had his bacherlor party in San Francisco.  He went with a few friends and my brothers.  Needless to say, I picked him up at the train station drunk as ever.  And happy.  He had a fun day.  I do think there ARE some secrets, but I won't ask.  

So, I went shopping with a good friend.  I got some cute outfits for the Honeymoon - Hawaii baby!  And I'm all set.  

I also started working on adding a flower to my maid of honor's dress.  More on that later.  


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