Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 12!!

OM.  The days are going to continue to fly.  I cannot stand it.  WAIT!  HOLD ON!!  I NEED MORE TIME!!  I guess that is what I get for doing EVERY SINGLE THING FROM SCRATCH!  Oh well, I love it and am so excited for the final day.  However, it is getting more stressful.  B and I have been a little snappy with each other lately.  Humm... I wonder why?  Oh, ya, cause we are planning a wedding together!  It is only natural that we are going to vent to each other, get mad with the other, question the other's actions...  What's great is that we come back from it, though.  If we didn't, something would be very wrong.  

Today (I mean yesterday, Monday, not Tuesday...), Day 11:

Guess what I did?  I went to San Francisco!  Yes, I needed a day to me with my trusty friend, Francois the Ford Focus.  I don't know why, but I always get so relaxed on a long car ride...

And, so, today was what I needed.  Now, I did have a reason.  Have you been to Zara?  It is one of the best stores in the world and the closest one to me is in SF.  I bought some amazing scarves there for the wedding dress (Mendocino will be cold, so I need a cover-up just in case!) a while ago, and I wanted to return the ones that didn't look right.  And, well, because I was going to "the city" (as we Sacramentans call it), I decided to stop by my equally favorite city of Berkeley.  Ahh man, there is a Crate & Barrel outlet in Berkeley.  So I had to go there.  And then I needed to go to Paper Source since it is right there.  Oh, and then I HAD to pop my head in the Anthropologie to see what was on sale.  Come on, I had to...  Don't worry (I'm talking to Bill here), I didn't buy anything.  Only stuff for the wedding at Paper Source.  Sware.  

After I needed to go to the Urban Ore.  Have you heard of it?  It is the biggest, umm...  the biggest...  dump?  I guess?  It is a place to find any kind of old window, door knob, old door, crap furniture, recycled anything...  It is awesome.  And a huge, organized, dirty mess.  It is great for hunting for that weird thing you think you need.  I found an amazing window, a shutter and a cabinet door.  See?  You can find anything.  I'm going to incorporate those things on the place name table.  You'll see.  

I did make it to Zara and then rushed home to do my Tracy A video and then take Bill to the airport.  Yes, he left me.  :(  He'll be back on Wednesday.  Hey, it is the perfect excuse for me to make a total mess (yep, I'm the messy one).  And then I HAVE to clean it all up on Wednesday.

This evening I did do some Wedding related stuff.  I started and finished the Menus for the wedding and I did some major design work on the place cards.  Look at this amazing work in progress:

Sorry Kari, Taush, Kimi and Rod (who doesn't check my blog anyway), I used you guys as guinea pigs for the design. 

Ok, tomorrow is a BIG day.  I have about 20 things to do and complete.  Let's see if I get close to finishing them.  



Kari said...

WHAT??????? I always check it!!!!! LOVE all the stuff you're doing. Makes me even MORE excited!!!!!!!!!! omigosh, CAN'T WAIT!

happytrails said...

Tracy, I am just catching up on your blog while recovering from foot surgery. I love it! What a great idea! You are so creative. I've always wanted to visit Urban Ore. I'm going to put it on my list. My parents live in the Bay Area, so the next time I visit, I'm going to make sometime to visit Urban Ore, too.